Customer Contact

I have been working with Mary Kay for three years now and I am still figuring things out in my business, but one thing that is important in a direct selling business is to keep in contact with your customers. You can’t have loyal customers who you get reorders from and build a relationship with if you don’t keep in contact. So today I figured out some things!

I have several customers who move around a lot. It is hard to keep track of new addresses if no one updates you. But if you send out Birthday cards or Holiday cards you can ask for the address and most of the time you will get it. I know I love real mail!

My process was super confusing until I sorted my customer list in excel by address (because they are all in the college town address) and then I had everyone grouped together so that I wasn’t flipping from state to state and I could focus on a specific location.

Sending the cards is easier now that I have customers grouped by Birthday on a separate sheet. It makes it so I am less likely to miss someone!

Then when I ask, do you want me to send you the holiday catalog it’s an easy yes or no as opposed to yes, but I don’t want to give you my address.

So today I am working smarter not harder.

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